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Corel Painter

Corel Painter is a professional painting tool for creating digital pictures
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Corel Painter is a professional painting tool which was designed to give a hand in creating digital pictures. The toolbar of the program is similar to that of Adobe Photoshop and other photo editors and includes such standard tools as eraser, lasso, layers, crop, rotate, selection and many others. However, the major advantage of the program is the vast variety of brushes. Watercolor brushes, particle brushes, airbrushes help you reach expressive results and save a lot of time. You can also create a brush by selecting main color and additional color or putting highlights and shadows in one brush which is especially useful for painting grass, leaves, hair, fur. It is also possible to add one of smoothing effects, so that hair would look more natural in the picture.

It should be noted, that along with a long list of smoothing effects the program offers smoothing color variability and expressions which make the lines change automatically from thin to thick within the given parameters and therefore look more organic. With the help of these options you can also get more natural and organic transition between colors of the background.

Corel Painter provides a number of textures, flow maps, image hoses, patterns, gradients and weaves. It includes very handy, time-saving features, such as Online Preview Option that makes it possible to see the results of application of different effects immediately or Adjust Selected Color which changes the color and hints of the object in one click.

To sum it up, Corel Painter opens many doors for digital artists to try a lot of new effects and to create the pictures which look like traditional oil, watercolor, pastels and pencil paintings.

Helen Shettler
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  • Workspace preset which gives you more space to paint
  • Life preview of effects


  • High price
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